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PaperPort is an all-in-one solution to your organization's office document management. It is a comprehensive document management software that allows you to scan, mange, locate and share document, including PDFs, application files and photographs. With your free Paperport download you will be able to conveniently transform your paper documents into digital format while efficiently handle the information. It is certainly a powerful and a handy tool.

Using PaperPort for the first time, makes your job easy as it automatically locate all supported applications that will help you open any document with the help of application's related option in PaperPort such as Microsoft Office or email programs. It is perfectly made to suit the needs of the entire organization. Unlike other document management softwares, PaperPort has much improved scanning features like multi-page and dual sided scanning. As a default setting, it installs a My PaperPort Document folder and subfolders that does not get deleted. With this Paperport download you even get batch processing, which allows you to several operations at a time. Editing is also very simple in PaperPort. After uploading your documents through scanning, the documents can be viewed, rotate, straighten, and restore easily. You can also remove stray dots and erase portions from them. Other than documents, photos can also be edited, and it can be cropped, brighten and enhanced with red eye reduction.  In addition to all of this, PaperPort offers some other powerful features as well that makes it a perfect document management solution. Features such a high PDF creation, automatic form filling, moving files from one computer to shared document repositories and more will help organizations increase their productivity, reduce costs and provide better customer services.

PaperPort is highly secure as well. In today's world, organizations would want to have their information and sharing of it safe and secure. PaperPort, with its superior security features, helps you protect important information, while complying with increasing government regulations. It helps create secure PDF documents of paper files with password protection to control the access of such documents. You can even encrypt the PDF files to allow information integrity, and ensure that only authorized person can read it with a proper algorithm.

As far as the technical specifications are concerned, PaperPort comes with Windows compatibility. It comes with support for Microsoft SharePoint. Paperport download will provide you with a digital camera input that allows you to get your photos and digital files onto the software. Yet with all this, it is still very easy and handy to use PaperPort. Your Paperport download comes with how-to-guides that provide assistance for usual tasks and processes, and gives quick guide to program areas and relevant Help topics using the Help section available on the toolbar.

There are many different document management softwares available in the market. All promise something unique and useful. What PaperPort offers is a simple document management solution that will result in your organization's increased productivity and efficiency. It is a handy way to work with in a group of people in any organization. With your PaperPort download, document management has never been so simpler and effective. Get your free Paperport download now!
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